Unexpected Surprises

Well its been a few days already since arriving home, but when one switches from one country to another, it feels rather amusing to re-integrate back in to life.

I use the word amusing, because I don’t want to say strange, and I certainly don’t want to put a negative spin on it, but they were pleasant surprises, that made my day all the more interesting.

The British Accent

I have just spent the last two years being told by Americans that my accent is awesome, and being asked to say Harry Potter quotes to impress them. Upon boarding our ferry at the Euro Port in Holland, I started to realise what they meant! Evidently two years of living with Americans, showed me a sudden difference between them, and the actually many noticable different accents of my country. I myself actually found it very intriguing to listen to people talk, and almost felt like I was in a movie, hearing people speak as they do.


Tunnel aint the only way to travel by rail to the continent!

Passing on the left

Although it wasnt an issue behind the wheel, I still feel much more comfortable passing pedestrians on the right hand side, and have done it on several occasions.

Train Conductors don’t check tickets

Not on our line at least. Deutsche Bahn bought out our local railway operator Arriva last year, and I was pleased to find a ticket machine standing proudly on the platform, and when the conductor walked down the aisle, I started reaching in to my pocket to get out my ticket. She, assuming I was going for my wallet to buy a ticket, stopped and waited, for me to pull out my ticket and proudly show it to her, just to say “you don’t need to show it to me lovvey”.

Theres been various other things, I’ll get to them when I come across them, but that will suffice for now.


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