iPhone or Car – shouldn’t really be a question should it?

I will shortly be becoming a student, and in the process of getting ready to go to university, I have been recognising the tight restraints on student life. While finance is tight, there are definately ways to work to get the comforts and wants, that you desire.

Rover 25

Insurance costs the same as an iPhone

iPhone 4

It can show me where I might want to go out to, it can guide me there, but can it take me?

For me, one of those wants, is a car, and I am carefully examining how I will be able to support it, while away and living off borrowed money. The car is often seen as a luxoury, that is not needed, and to that I agree, but I would like to point another luxoury that people choose, that is not needed in day to day life, which is the iPhone.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you can get an iPhone for a lot cheaper than the price to maintain a car, or you can get it for a lot more, but I think it puts things in perspective, how the price for relatively small seeming things is quite a percentage of the larger things. Similar to how road tax is only the cost of 2 or 3 tanks of petrol.

As of right now (03/05/2011), Orange sell the iPhone 4 for with 1200 Minutes and 500 texts, for £50 a month on an 18 months contract, but I know what I’m going to pick, and it wasnt designed in California.


One thought on “iPhone or Car – shouldn’t really be a question should it?

  1. I had an iPhone until it was stolen and I miss it. If my car was stolen however I would be in an impossible situation. Practicality over pretty every time. But if someone tries to sell you a stolen iPhone for very cheap let me know their address 🙂

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