Having problems with your Asus X58C laptop, getting the Windows XP drivers to work?

I am writing this post, with the intention of getting the attention of any, who may be in the same boat as I have been this evening. Having dealt with a most frustrating problem, I now present the solution, I hope that it will he helpful to others.

My sister owns an Asus X58C series laptop computer, which up until now was running Windows Vista, all be it, not very well. This evening, my mission was to downgrade to Windows XP, to free up some system resources, and restore common sense to her computing environment.

So, I see you skim-readers asking, what was the matter? Well, let me tell you:

I tried to install the Wireless Drivers, which was a complicated process to begin with, having myself jumped straight to the wireless driver, listed on Asus’ website, I then needed to install the Wireless Console, and to get that to work, a handful of other packages dotted around the list. When I finally had crossed this bridge, I could install the wireless drivers.

First of all, I tried just installing the drivers, since I’d prefer to have less software bloating across the hard drive, but that didn’t work. Neither did installing the whole package, or any other package listed on the official drivers page. After about an hour of messing, I decided to turn the machine over, and actually examine the wireless card.

To you skim readers again: here’s the solution:

I saw a little label on the back, saying “WLAN Mini Card Module: AW-NE771”, this contrasts with the supplied driver, that being an AW-NE770. This was in fact the wrong driver. I found the correct driver over on Softpedia, and a few minutes later it worked.

So, if you have an X58C, and Windows isn’t even recognising your card, this is quite possibly why. Why then that Asus don’t supply, or even drop hint that this is the correct driver, I think we will never know.

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