Dog Eat Dog, Rat Eat Rat – Repairing Your Three Red Rings of Death

The Three Red Rings... OF DEATH!

Here is a story, of a young man who had an Xbox 360, which came ill with the so called three red rings of death. He looked on the internet, and all he could find was James Dean’s famous $29.95 repair guide, which was highly optimized among internet search engines. Then, one day, many months later he wen’t on ebay, and found a much cheaper kit, with instructions, which worked perfectly, and they all lived happily ever after.

Yes Mr Dean, oh yes they did! Despite that every search of the internet seems to display phantom blogs singing praises to your name. If I were a socialist I’d say look who’s been a naughty boy, trying to convince all those people that you are doing them a favor, but I’m not one of those. Instead, my purpose here is to tell the world what worked for me, for a fiver.

I just had a look on ebay, and found a handful of different kits to replace the oh so terrible X-clamps. The one I bought had nylon washers included, which are protected from the heat emitted from the GPU and CPU. It cost £5.50, came within three days, and included a step by step photo and video guide with very good detail. Everything James Dean would gladly have your $30 for.

And the best bit is, it worked! After a relatively simple process of removing the old X-clamps, and bolting the CPU and GPU back down, and the so called ‘over heat reflow’ process, and now I have a working Xbox again.

So if you need a repair for the three red rings, this is what worked for me. And I see absolutely no reason to spend much more than a fiver on getting this problem fixed. Get yourself on ebay, find a honorable, decent looking seller, and get closely aquainted with the inside of your Xbox.

And that’s my contribution to the free market economy.


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