Writing a thesis statement

Recently on my university course, we covered writing thesis statements in relation to writing scientific reports. The purpose of the thesis statement is to present early on the essence of your argument; the point you are trying to carry across, the take home action point for your reader.

For the purposes of practising scientific writing, we were given the topic of whether cats or dogs are better. Here’s how our thesis statement progressed:

1. While cat women may have a soft spot the size of Saturn, the functional capabilities of canine ownership far outweighs the costs associated with it.

 Just a bit silly…

2. Dog owners are supported by a wealth of functional benefits, including assistance to people with blindness, detecting criminal behaviour and raising a warning voice to oncoming medical dangers.

Merely informative, doesn’t invite to take a stand.

3. Because of the wealth of purposeful benefits available to dog owners, including aid to people with blindness and detection of criminal behavour, people receiving job seekers allowance should be expected to volunteer in a puppy pound for eight hours a week.

 Rather vague.

4. Because of the wealth of purposeful benefits not just available to dog owners but to society as a whole, including aid to people with blindness and detection of criminal behaviour, the contribution of dogs is significant, while cats are merely a drain on society’s resources.

 Sort of takes a stand, but still largely merely informative.

5. Both cats and dogs use resources such as food and expense due to vetinary bills, however the dog brings collerateral benefits to society such as detecting criminal behavior, assisting people with blindness and raising the warning voice of oncoming medical dangers, while cats draw valuable resources of owners time and cohesive thoughts, showing that they are a drain to society.

It has a specific argument, with evidential points providing reinforcement.

Now, where to go for lunch?


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