I like my iPad, leave it alone!

A few days ago, I had the joy of going on a short coach journey. Now, for all the quips we have against public transport, this was definitely a trip and a half. We had a beautiful Mercedes coach and the sun was shining as we drifted across North Wales.

But the banta was the best. The great thing about coach travel, is that not driving, your mind is free to go over other things, thus stimulating some interesting discussions. We started by talking about mountain biking, concluding we should have a race down the A55 North Wales Expressway, then we set the world to rights, talking about how wind turbines take 30 years to pay themselves back before they actually produce renewable energy. We debated whether we’re really running out of oil or not, and then ending up resolving the problem with solar energy.

And then on the way back, something happened. My head became explosively large. This actually relates to apple products. There are a certain group of people, who like to buy iPads, iPhones and other bits and pieces, and then consider themselves higher up than others, for their new possessions. It’s a bit like some BMW drivers. When I bought my iPad, I told myself, I would not become one of them. But suddenly, a guy on the bus told me I was stupid for having bought an iPad, called me an apply fanboy and said I only thought it was best because I hadn’t seen the alternatives.

No no no! I retorted. I tried the Samsung galaxy tab in the shop, and I have an android phone (all-be-it a Motorola) which is rubbish. I want to choose against android. Then he told me I should get the Acer tablet, because it doesn’t need expensive custom leads, and that with apple the structure of getting app’s is too rigid. And he showed me the photo quality on his Samsung galaxy. When I told him I had the iPad 3, with its high-res display, he thought I was an even bigger idiot. And at that point something switched itself.

My response: yes I know that the iPad is astronomically expensive, and that I could buy a small country for the cost of hooking it up to my TV. And I know that to make an app you have to pay apple copious amounts of money and have them bug check it. And I know that someone somewhere claims to have a more responsive keyboard on their touchscreen, and that nothing with it is properly compatible with anything else, but the simplicity and use of its user interface are perfect, and mean I don’t have to worry about things not working as they should. And maybe it is robbing me of my computer literacy skills, but I don’t care. I have an iPad and I love it!

Seeing that I was getting a little bit exasperated now, he persisted. So I pulled out my scriptures, and with Holy writ as my basis, shared inspired words about putting your faith in what you most believe in. Now please don’t misunderstand me here. In saying that I do not mean to mock that which is most important to me. I know that my Heavenly Father is he in whom I most believe, and my source of life and joy. But my experience with my iPad shows me it is a very good piece of equipment, which serves its purpose very well. And I do put confidence in it to accomplish many day to day roles.

So where am I going with this? Am I saying that iPad owners aren’t smug, they’re just driven to it by the quips of others? Or just simply that we should go on more coach journey’s with buddies? Or is it that we all just start saying things we don’t mean when we get carried away, but who cares, since we had our fun?

All I can say is that none of it would have happened had I gone in the car. Which takes us right back to peak oil again. Ugh.

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