Let’s return to the Playground. I need to do some work…


A fellow one day had inspiring ingredients for lunch and thus…

Recently I have been studying about babies. Now please understand just what I mean about that. Developmental psychology is the title of the module, and while we spent an age initially looking at how babies grow up in the womb, we eventually did come to learn some actual psychology.

And what we basically learnt was this: if a baby is to grow up well, into a responsible, capable, sociable adult, it needs a stimulating environment to grow up in, that is, it needs interesting toys, colourful furniture and someone to look closely at their face going “who’s a pretty baby.” And the idea is that this helps them have a balanced development, to learn to recognise what’s good, which will turn in to social skills.

And it seems that this doesn’t just apply to babies! The Bangor university library looks in parts like it has been made out of duplo and lipstick. Lots of chunky contemporary furniture in bright red, contrasting from a contemporary grey surrounding.

At one point I was not a large fan of all this fashionable art that we see all around us these days, what with brightly coloured tower blocks and abstract art filling city centres, and I’ve often approached anything with caution if it looks like the queen or James May wouldn’t approve of it, but it has dawned on me recently just how important it really is to keep a stimulated mind.

Just a short time ago, I went to Liverpool for the first time. A lot of the people who I told about the trip asked me if I was looking to find a way to get myself killed, and I’m sure if that had been my goal I could have managed it, but it wasn’t. We were there to explore, and boy did we! They have interesting looking buildings, classy docks, cultural displays, museums and super lamb banana’s (oh, and something about a few guys who called themselves the beetles… Anyone know anything about them? No? Ok…). I always used to think of Blackpool as Britons playground, and I guess it is if you want to spend all your money and hide from your morals, (and maybe even get killed), but slide south down to Liverpool, and you are in that amazing adventure playground you remember from when you were a kid.

 Have you ever noticed that when you’re with company, it may be hard to get quantities of work done, yet some of the best ideas come when discussing or chatting with others? Or that a bit of music and a pumped mind can go a long way, while at other times it may be distracting. Sigmund Freud took cocaine in order to work more avidly to develop psychological theories. Does not our body already produce some natural stimulating chemicals when given the right circumstances? And do we not note that such environments do not usually resemble hours in the study of Lord Henry Stewart Dimble of Winchester?

 It’s always good to take a rest, but what are you going to do for it? I think I’m going write my next blog post from the sandpit. 

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