How I Think Economics is Being Used as an Acceptable Dictatorship

This post is written in response to ‘Unlimited Freedom: A Falsehood’, by Joel Sparks.

Here is a principle that will split people down the middle. I recently read the article by Mr Sparks that argues the hypocrisy of the american people, fighting for their freedom to bear arms, even though the freedom of life should supersede the impacts usually blamed on the second amendment. However, freedom is an emotionally charged and frequently misused construct. In fact, in the United States’ declaration of independence, the right referred to is not that of freedom, but of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I maintain, that the second amendment is more important today than it ever was. The second amendment was not put in place so everybody could carry a weapon down town. It was contained in the constitution as a protection from tyranny.

A tyrant is a political leader who cruel and oppressive, and who has usurped constitution and gained undemocratic control of a sovereignty. Can you see any ways that is happening today?

What about the politicians using money manipulations to rob from the people to sustain their borrowing, which despite all the terrible consequences looming down the line, keeps them in power? That could be done Cyprus style (simple theft), or it could be done the British way (zero percent interest rates, quantitative easing, inflation, value of money falls).

What about the anti competitive acts, now sponsored by the US government in the on line and social media industries. The back door government pass that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and others have allowed, as well as the surveillance of other countries’ phone’s and internet use. These supposed anti-terror measures, becoming enshrined in law could also be easily abused to steal ideas and control peoples’ day to day lives.

Such tyranny showed itself unquestionably in the 1950’s, with the McCarthy communist trials. People were pressured to confess acts never committed, and denial’s were manipulated to convince the prosecution of completely fictional communist involvement. Or there was the ‘executive order 6102’ of the 1930’s, in which the US government criminalised the hoarding of gold bullion, a time tested means to protect legitimate investors from economic woes.

What do you think, when you see banks bailed out with our money, not so economic activity can resume, but so balance sheets can be cushioned out a bit, while their own investment schemes can go on unharmed. All the money stays at the top while so called surf’s earn less money in real terms than they ever have. Or when you see intellectual property owners charging $20-50+ for a single journal article. With their wealth, lobbying and government involvement, we become increasingly powerless to stop it.

What about the manipulations on the world gold price today? That is, the strategic selling of paper gold (ie. gold that doesn’t actually exist), which hides wide distrust in the world currencies. Currency, a measure of wealth with (ironically) no gold standard is constructed by the government. As governments fight against gold, silver and bitcoin, by trying to force all activity to be mediated in fiat currency, what limit will they stop at to hold control of your liberties?

And what is the effect of it all? It means we live in a world where we think only graduate jobs have worth, and where the people who create wealth get increasingly less of it. This restricts opportunity for self actualisation through the ability to provide a balanced life for oneself and family. Recreation is increasingly restricted. How many leisure activities, particularly those that pump adrenaline or stretch you, now have so many strings attached to them that it is hard for people to pursue them at a fair price. You simply can’t go road tripping, boating, mountaineering or caving, unless you have real money. A nation of vegetables now exists, glued to Facebook and sky TV. Is that tyranny enough for you? Do you call that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

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The case for the right to life has made a lot of people a lot of money. John Lennon even sings “Imagine there’s … Nothing to kill or die for’. Well actually, with the decreased liberty through financial and legislative control (tyranny), we’re approaching that world now. And it’s boring. Risk’s and experiences that make us feel alive are being taken away. The second amendment is a right that protects people from this theft of people’s liberty, with intrinsic worth. A genuinely upset american population, all armed, would not be one that I would fancy taking on. Europe on the other hand now sits helpless.

The declaration of dependence fights not for freedom, but for ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. Unless accompanied by the other two, life is pretty purposeless.


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