To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and not to Yield (Tennyson)

I watched ‘Skyfall’ last night and the poetry of Tennyson read by M during the hearing touched me.

I think that Apple’s ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ is very much related too.

All I can add to this is that I agree whole heatedly. If we will never stop trying to improve, if we will never stop questioning and asking ‘why’ things are as they are, we will grow in freedom and development, and reach unseen heights.


I can’t get my head round the idea of positivism,
Sometimes I’d be happier if they called it lying.
Because in a world of glass-half-empty-half-full,
Some still call it full when things are dying.

Symbolism is funny, because it disconnects from reality,
But is the glass half full when you’re facing depravity?
How full is your glass when a tornado is foreseen?
Are you going to make it turn around with your positive sheen?

But there’s a side to this we should not forget!
Once the tornados been by, and we all got our feet wet,
Positivity really means I can get back up,
And rebuild with what I have, and top my glass up.

Because an exact half, or middle is so seldom to find,
That half full or half empty remains in the mind.
You can’t build a building till you’ve surveyed the land,
No half full glass bottle will support it on sand!

by Chris J. Barker

Glass Half Full?

Image Credit: Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun for USA Today

Image Credit: Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun for USA Today

Why do I feel bad for what I believe?
I find that what seems instinctive others don’t conceive.
When I look around and see that people are oblivious,
To an oncoming catastrophe that’s going to be hideous!

They say my glass is only half full,
And that living my ideals makes life so dull.
Yet a part inside of me is shouting the line,
That if we carry on as we are, things are far from fine.

It’s nice going after the individual to be caring,
But saying the individual needs to care for themselves is so daring.
It plucks the emotions and makes you feel warm,
But destroys their independence in every form!

But just a little is okay, I hear them say,
That would be nice, to our fellow human beings?
Well the road to hell was always paved with good intentions, and in every previous generation of society if you didn’t work you didn’t eat. Nature took care of that.

But in today’s world we think we can beat natural laws,
With political union, written scrip and clause.
And no matter how we hide it, living on borrowed time cannot last,
Soon we’re going to find ourselves living back in our past.

by Christopher Barker