Retail Games to make work more exciting

I have found a job with a large UK greocery store, working on the checkouts. Now it is a simple fact that working on a till can be, quite often, very uninteresting. For that reason I’ve invented a hanful of games to keep my mind occupied

£100 Challenge

As it implies, the £100 challenge involves looking for purchases which come to over £100. I formed a scoring system loosely based off the German card game Wizard. If I you expect a trolley load to total over £100, then bet on it. If it does, you get a point, and if not, you loose a point. And likewise, if you don’t bet on a trolley load cashing in at over £100, and it does, that will loose you a point. And of course if you don’t bet, and the customers shopping doesn’t come to £100 (which will still be most customers, unless its Christmas), your score remains the same.
When I play it, I like to role a commentry in my head, with the excitement growing as the total gets ever closer to £100.

The Currency challenge

Select a particular denomination of currency, ideally one that are perhaps a bit more difficult to hold on to. I usually use the £2 coin, or the £5 note. Now try to collect as many of it as you can. I last did it with the £2 coin, and had collected about 8 of them, when suddenly I ran out of £5 notes and had to start giving them out, since it would have been stupid to give out 5x £1 coins.

Think of other games you could play too, because it’s well worth it to have something sensible occupying your mind as you work. It does make you happier, and therefore more sociable, and better at your job. Remember though, you are working in a job, and are required to put your job responsibilities before your own appetite for fun.