To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and not to Yield (Tennyson)

I watched ‘Skyfall’ last night and the poetry of Tennyson read by M during the hearing touched me.

I think that Apple’s ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ is very much related too.

All I can add to this is that I agree whole heatedly. If we will never stop trying to improve, if we will never stop questioning and asking ‘why’ things are as they are, we will grow in freedom and development, and reach unseen heights.

Glass Half Full?

Image Credit: Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun for USA Today

Image Credit: Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun for USA Today

Why do I feel bad for what I believe?
I find that what seems instinctive others don’t conceive.
When I look around and see that people are oblivious,
To an oncoming catastrophe that’s going to be hideous!

They say my glass is only half full,
And that living my ideals makes life so dull.
Yet a part inside of me is shouting the line,
That if we carry on as we are, things are far from fine.

It’s nice going after the individual to be caring,
But saying the individual needs to care for themselves is so daring.
It plucks the emotions and makes you feel warm,
But destroys their independence in every form!

But just a little is okay, I hear them say,
That would be nice, to our fellow human beings?
Well the road to hell was always paved with good intentions, and in every previous generation of society if you didn’t work you didn’t eat. Nature took care of that.

But in today’s world we think we can beat natural laws,
With political union, written scrip and clause.
And no matter how we hide it, living on borrowed time cannot last,
Soon we’re going to find ourselves living back in our past.

by Christopher Barker

What Is Your Legacy

When I were a lad,
I’d hear my old Dad,
He’d say
“These cars all look’t same.”

When the students are out,
they drink and they shout,
will you stand out?
What is your legacy?

In this new modern age
of minimum wage
Now we’re all the same
will you up your game?
What will you stand for?
What is your legacy?

What was the bully’s tag line in school?
“You make me look bad, I’ll make you the fool”
Now when you work hard while I relax,
I’ll still get one up, we’ll call it a tax.

Now people seldom write poetry about money,
It’s usually about a cat, or a violin, or a bunny.
Because money is not the thing that matters,
it’s actually just left the world in tatters.

You don’t need to be rich, or vested academically
or in a famous band, or well trained up medically.
In case you hadn’t heard we live in a society,
where too many think that legacy means piety.
It’s no wonder the world is under commotion
when half of society sucks on that potion.

He’s woolly
She’s eccentric
They’re biggots
they say…

They’re misfits,
left wingers
who smoke weed all day.

There’s not an organization in this world that couldn’t use creativity,
except for the Church, as it’s lead by divinity.
And just like a muscle needs activities that stretch,
by the same token, our character is etched.

Brunel wasn’t mediocre, inventing industry,
it wasn’t a toff in his drawing room who invented TV
And when we say leaving the middle ground is a danger
Margret Thatcher definitely did not die a stranger.

Nobody is excused from this course of improvement
we depend in it for civilizations on-upward movement.
Whatever you do, just please do it well,
lest our society rot in a quite average hell.
The nature of life is it’s not always fair
but keep scrambling up, and I know you’ll get there.

By Christopher Barker

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