Cous Cous, Petrol And The Economy

Ainsley Harriot

Something that I’ve noticed recently, is that an astronomical amount of people are buying Ainsley Harriot branded products. Various soups, and Cous Cous, all with a contemprorary mug shot of the man himself which will make middle class women go weak at the knees. What bothers me is that everybody jumps up for it because looks to be something different, and therefore must be worth more money, and be very classy. After all, Ainsley Harriot is a tv chef, which means he must cook far better than we: the people, right?  And it’s the same with so called “Al fresco” dining. I’m sure somebody in favour of it will tell you that it’s been the standard term for years and years, but I, so far in my life have always known eating outside as exactly that: eating outside. But stick a fancy Italian name on it, and out come the wallets, everybody buys some new fancy wooden patio furnature to be rained on all summer. Boom! Like that…

Despite these reportedly difficult economic times, where money is in short supply, it still doesn’t seem too difficult to seperate people from their money. Which brings me on to petrol. As I see it, what’s been happerning for years now is that the public, (and the government for that matter) have gradually been lead to spend more and more money. Back when I was 8, we replaced our TV, which had been handed down through the family over 20 years. Since it, we’ve had four different televisions. Then there’s all the equipment that breaks after 13 months, and subscriptions to come on top of that. A trip to the cinema costs you a tenner, a satisfactory lengthed Subway sandwitch costs a fiver, and if you’re going to travel anywhere, weather it by in your own car, or by bus, you will also be paying several pounds for the combustion of some type of fuel.

There’s uproar that energy is going up in price by about 20%, and every few weeks, another penny appears on the prices at the petrol station, yet what are people really loosing out on? Seriously, if you stop buying Ainsley Harriot Cous Cous, you can still afford 175 litres of petrol, should the price go up by one penny a litre. The oil companies are trying to squeeze us just like Ainsley is.

So what’s my gripe here? Simple: I don’t buy Ainsley Harriot’s Cous Cous, I have other goals in life, than to live, fooled into thinking that I eat the diet of a celebrity chef. I’m trying to save money for University, and other events in the future, and every penny Mr Shell adds to the price of his wares is a penny less that I can use for the road ahead. They say that price is determined by what people are prepared to pay, which is absolutely true, and unfortunately right now people are prepared to take the easy road.

If I’m not careful this could turn in to a sensational rant about lazyness, greed and socialism, and for that reason I’m going to stop there. But next time you’re in the Supermarket, and Mr Harriots smile tries to tempt you, just think: thats a quid worth being in your life savings, and not his Range Rover.